The new MeadowStone Series is underway –

our inspiring collection of Meadowkirk-designed and hosted retreat events in a variety of engaging, creative formats.

This special Series brings together compelling voices from across faith and culture – distinguished speakers and authors, acclaimed musical talent, leaders in business, sports and the arts, and more.  Each event offers the opportunity to explore themes and topics deeply relevant to our lives today – all while savoring Meadowkirk’s premier hospitality and setting.

We invite you to join us for these empowering, faith-inspiring gatherings.  Come home to Meadowkirk – to imagine and reflect.  To delight and wonder.  To ponder anew and grow!

“An Evening with Dan Allender”

A Conversation about Sabbath and Other Topics of Our Time

When it comes to the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy, it’s rare to find any Christian seriously working out what that means – other than perhaps attending church on Sunday. As part of a wider ranging presentation, prominent therapist, author and speaker Dr. Dan Allender made a refreshing case for what Sabbath means – expelling the myths and exploring what Jesus intended.

Monday, May 6th

”The Radical Pursuit of Rest”

Meadowkirk and the C.S. Lewis Institute welcomed award-winning author and lecturer, Dr. John Koessler, who addressed the epic busyness and weariness of our time – providing an insightful analysis that exposed misconceptions about rest and offered practical approaches for truly refreshing mind, body and soul.

Friday, October 26th

“Second Tuesday”

Middleburg Men’s Fellowship Series

With Jerry Leachman, former chaplain,
Washington Redskins,

and other special guests.  

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Why “MeadowStone”

MeadowStone evokes the natural foundations of historic Delta Farm – majestic meadows and solid stones.

From waving grasses on rolling hills to the winding, spring-fed creek that offers year-round waters for life, our site has always exuded great energy and beauty.

Over time, the meadow stones came to serve a multitude of purposes – becoming stately gates, simple fireplaces, the long wall that still guides visitors further in.  Yet others became the rich tapestry of stonework that is the Stone Barn – the heart of Meadowkirk’s campus.

And, of course, this long-ago gathering of stones enabled planting and harvest – more glorious growth in the meadows.

It is this image of life-giving gathering and building up that recalls some words from Scripture: “As you come to Him…you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house….” 

It is with this image and promise in view that we offer the MeadowStone Series – life-renewing, transformational togetherness in beautiful spaces.  Please join us for this opportunity to experience nature and God’s nurture – to become built up, vibrant like the meadow and strong like stone.

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